What are f-stops?

If you’re an Enthusiast Photographer, you’ve probably heard the word “stop” used in relation to aperture, depth of field and other areas of photography.  If you’ve wondered what a “stop” or “f/stop” is, one of the best and most accessible things I’ve read on the topic is the amusingly titled “A Tedious Explanation of the f/stop” – check it out!

Cool on-line tool!

Apologies for the long absence!  Two weeks of work traveling in Asia, followed by a week at home followed by two weeks of vacation in Europe (including five cities in five different countries) means one pretty crazed and time-zone straddling Enthusiast Photographer!

I’ve got a number of posts lined up, but wanted to make a quick note of a tool I discovered that I find really helpful.

If you’ve ever wondered how the term “Depth of Field” translates into the real world based on all the settings (especially aperture), your camera and the distance you are from your focal point, this site helps you not only gives you the numbers, but helps you think about it in real-world terms.

The site is called “DOFMaster” (http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html) and allows you to enter your camera, the focal length, the f/stop (apterture) you’re using and the distance from the subject.  Select your settings and hit the “Calculate” button and it shows you the values and a visualization for what it means in front of the lens.

I don’t need it all the time, but it has been handy several times lately.  More importantly, it is one more layer of understanding added to the subject of depth of field!