Who the heck is this guy?

I’m pretty much what the site says: An enthusiast photographer.  I’m a guy who always wants to learn more, but until recently could never seem to penetrate the wall of jargon and complexity.

I’m doing a lot better now, and I thought a blog on how I got that far would be a good idea.  Since I’m constantly learning, trying out new equipment, etc., I have no doubt I’ll never lack for subject material, but I’m always open to suggestions and constructive feedback.  I hope this blog helps somebody else discover the power in their hands with a modern digital SLR and capture special images!

I probably say it better in my first post “Are you like me?“, but I’ll steal a bit from there:

Here’s the big disclaimer for this blog:  I’m not an expert, I’m going to make mistakes (and learn from them) and I’m a Nikon shooter.  I also consider myself a learning beginner (despite over thirty years of having a camera in my hand).  Sometimes my topics won’t be comprehensive because I’m still learning – they’ll be from the perspective of what they mean to me at the time, so I may leave something out.  I may even get it wrong.  Please excuse me on all accounts if any of those impact you.  What I can promise is I’ll keep learning and hopefully help you do the same.  And I’ll always do my best to provide accurate information and a balanced perspective.

4 thoughts on “Who the heck is this guy?

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