Sometimes you go back…

I recently went back to Beijing’s very-interesting 798 District.  It is a really eclectic area with a lot of art and…unusual…things to see.  The last time I went I was in a bit of a rush, and wanted to get back to see a few more sights and take a few more photographs.

As it turned out, this visit was even shorter and the time of year meant it got dark much earlier, so I got a lot less opportunity than before.  I took a bunch of touristy shots (I am fine with that kind of thing as long as it is done on purpose), but also tried to get a few creative shots in as well.  As we wandered around, I went by the spot of one of my favorite shots from my previous visit:


I loved the texture, subtle colors and indirect light in this photo when I took it a few years ago

I thought I might try some different things with the scene, somewhat like I do with the tugboat I often photograph in Charleston.  Unfortunately, sometimes you go back…and things aren’t what they used to be:


I’m sure everything works better now, but it isn’t nearly as interesting as it was.

I guess the lesson is that you can’t count on interesting things enduring – make sure you take the opportunity to capture what you want – think about more than one composition and have as much fun as you can.  The shot might not be there the next time you come back…

Had similar experiences?  Post ’em up! 🙂

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