Japan (and Singapore) 2014

My job sometimes takes me to really cool places, and recently I was sent to China, Japan and Singapore. I didn’t get a chance to get out at all in Beijing, but got around a fair bit in Japan. Finished with several days in Singapore, but most of the photography from that leg was pretty touristy, so most of the images below are from Tokyo.  I was in Macau earlier this Summer, but haven’t had a chance to pull those together as I’ve been swapping computers.  I’ll come back to those soon…

In any case, I was apparently in an abstract mood… 🙂












14573067759_bc953e98d9_cLEE_788214737037866_63cf1d2dfd_bI feel like these images do a better job taking me back to the place and time than “regular” photographs, and I find myself paying a lot more attention to my surroundings and the small details everywhere…  🙂

What is your favorite travel/vacation photo?



7 thoughts on “Japan (and Singapore) 2014

  1. I like your photos and your comment about abstract photos “taking you back”. I find the same thing when I take abstract type photos. They remind me of my mood and thoughts much more than regular photos.

  2. Thanks for the post. I live in Tokyo and your photos have made me look at my environment in a different, detailed and altogether more interesting, way.

    • Aruna:

      Thanks so much for visiting and the comment! Tokyo is one of my favorite places to visit, and there are so many little details to draw inspiration from! Grab a prime lens and go looking for them (and post a Flickr link here)! 🙂

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