If Cameras were Hammers

If you aren’t familiar with Roger Cicala, you might know his company Lensrentals.  It is a great way to get a lens you only need for a short time (wedding/special event/etc.) or want to try-before-you-buy.  Roger is a very cool and knowledgeable guy, and is a regular visitor to one of my favorite photography forums (fredmiranda.com).  Anyway, a buddy of mine sent me a post from his blog yesterday that I think is pretty funny, and also pretty darn true.

Take a quick read of his post “Hammerforum.com”

The lesson I hope you’ll take away is that there are infinite opinions on the internet, and some of them can be pretty obtuse and confusing to the novice.  As a Nikon guy, I mainly watch Thom Hogan (byThom.com), and check out reviews from Nasim Mansurov, Roger  and others.  And of course I visit the site of the inestimable Scott Kelby often.

The net is that the web can be a little overbearing.  The hardware of photography can be a little over-consuming, and most people can do just fine with the tools they have in their hand.

What sites do you find particularly helpful or useless?

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