Trey Ratcliff Reconsiders!

Trey's new whip (from the Nikon home page)

Trey Ratcliff changed his mind and is getting a D800! The demise of his D3x due to salt spray during a Hawaii shoot and the sheer value of the D800 at $3K caused him to reconsider and dive in!

The D800 is almost custom-built for someone like Trey – huge resolution, great dynamic range and a much lighter body to haul around to all the exotic places he goes! (and it sounds like he’s going to be moving to New Zealand, which means he’s going to be living in a rich tapestry!)

I hope he buys two D800s and offers his D3s to me cheap!

Any readers out there getting a D800?

3 thoughts on “Trey Ratcliff Reconsiders!

  1. I’ll get one, when I can actually get one. None are available at the moment, unless you are NPS. Nikon is done very bad job with initital distribution and availability of this camera.

    • I’ll post the link later (commenting from the phone), but read the article Thom Hogan published on that topic. Nikon faces a tough decision – stockpile before announce or deal with shortages. They can’t (easily/I expensively) increase initial production, and some countries charge taxes on held inventory, among other things. They are in a sort of no-win scenario, so they do the best they can…

      • I saw it. What I have not seen are numbers and statisctics to get the numbers right. There is one number everyone like to mention – 30K bodies nikon makes per month. No one says when they started making it. There are no numbers on how many NPS people are out there, no numbers (statistically) on how many of them ordered D800. I can’t imagine that everyone of them would just go and buy both D4 and D800. If they are pros, they already have D3X and/or D3s. D800 is not a camera for Olympics, so all those excuses that pros must have it first for Olympics is bogus, plus, again, how many actual pros are allowed to be at Olympics with press pass, 3-4 thousand maybe. Everyone make excuses for Nikon on how small they are and how much in the dark they are about market trends and what Nikon users want. As far I could see if you are not NPS, you could get one from Best Buy and a few other comera shops, but I went to Best Buy in NC and VA – they looked in their internal DB and none of the stores on the majority of the East coast (part of the East district I guess) had no cameras. Based on other feedback from forums, some BB stroes got 2-3 bodies, so that tells me that entire BB in US probably got couple hundred bodies or less. All, in all, I ordered one on the day it was announced and was hoping to get it during the first week in time for my California trip. Zippo. None.

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