Enthusiast Photographer Hits CES – ThinkTank

I guess it is pretty obvious by now that I’m a bag junkie, and my second stop at CES was the ThinkTank booth.  After looking at their modular component systems for hanging lenses and other equipment off their belt or bag, we started talking about my Ona and Timbuk2 experience. They were extremely attentive and interested.  One of them gave me a tour of his personal bag – the Urban Disguise 60.  I have to say it is one really impressive design.  It holds an amazing amount of photography equipment with up to a 17″ laptop, is very efficient with volume and keeps things very available.  If you don’t mind black ballistic nylon, this is a highly attractive bag.  If it was available in a nice black waxed canvas, I’d be all over it. If I ever need a pro-quality travel bag, this is going to be at the top of my list.  Heck, I might wind up with one anyway…  🙂

Especially cool was the optional backpack harness that converts this sorta-messenger to a backpack in a way that looks very natural to carry.

Amazingly, B&H doesn’t carry the Thinktank line.  I’d love to know the story, but you can get it all from Amazon.

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