Legs or or no legs?

Maybe it is the specter of Scott Kelby telling me the first step to sharp photography is a tripod, the kind of photography I do (lots of landscape/cityscape shots) or just the plain great results I’m getting when I use one, but I’m a pretty big fan of my tripod.  I look for excuses to use it, especially since I got the RRS head and L-bracket (which is still a post for another day).

But what about you?  Do you use one?  I’d love to hear comments on why you do or don’t, if you love it or hate it!


One thought on “Legs or or no legs?

  1. I have made the argument more than one that a QUALITY tripod system is more important to sharp images than expensive glass is. I own multiple, both from Manfrotto and Induro. Induro has become my new favorite.

    I always chuckle when people who want to advance as landscape photographers complain about a tripod being too much of a hindrance to their work and then go on to show me the $59 tripod that they bought at a big box store.

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