Legs or or no legs?

Maybe it is the specter of Scott Kelby telling me the first step to sharp photography is a tripod, the kind of photography I do (lots of landscape/cityscape shots) or just the plain great results I’m getting when I use one, but I’m a pretty big fan of my tripod.  I look for excuses to use it, especially since I got the RRS head and L-bracket (which is still a post for another day).

But what about you?  Do you use one?  I’d love to hear comments on why you do or don’t, if you love it or hate it!

1 thought on “Legs or or no legs?

  1. I have made the argument more than one that a QUALITY tripod system is more important to sharp images than expensive glass is. I own multiple, both from Manfrotto and Induro. Induro has become my new favorite.

    I always chuckle when people who want to advance as landscape photographers complain about a tripod being too much of a hindrance to their work and then go on to show me the $59 tripod that they bought at a big box store.

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