When Gadgets Collide…

It all looks so innocent, doesn't it?

If you’re following the blog, you’ve heard me talk about two things recently:  my new tripod and head setup and the Black Rapid Strap.  I’m loving both of them:  The Arca-Swiss platform and L-bracket are just plain functional with a healthy dose of awesome, and the Black Rapid strap makes carrying your camera more comfortable and available.

One problem.  They don’t work together.

It isn’t so much that they can’t work together as they step on each other if I try to use them as they sit.  Here’s the issue:  If you look at the picture, you can see the fastener for the Black Rapid on the bottom of the camera (they cleverly call this the “FastenR-3” – sometimes marketing guys should restrain themselves…),  There is a handy hole in the bottom of the Really Right Stuff L-bracket for exactly that kind of thing.

Here’s the issue:  With the FastenR screwed into the L-bracket, I can’t mount the camera to my tripod unless I take the FastenR off.  That means I’m having to choose between quick and easy use of my tripod (which I love) and the easy-carrying strap unless I’m willing to unscrew the thing every time I want to put it on a tripod.

I don’t like that because:

  • (A) it is very inconvenient,
  • (B) it causes handling that puts me at higher risk of dropping my camera,and
  • (C) I’m worried that after a certain number of times through this cycle the threaded hole won’t hold as well as it should, and back out, dropping my equipment.  That may not be reality, but I don’t want to worry about it.  Half the point of the strap is to make the camera “disappear” when aren’t using it.

I have some ideas to fix it, and set the pieces in motion today (literally), so look for an update early next week.

In the meantime, have you had any gadgets fight each other?  Let’s hear some stories (and solutions)!

4 thoughts on “When Gadgets Collide…

    • Wesley – thanks for the comment, and my apologies for grabbing the name Enthusiast Photographer before you had the chance! I was checking yours out the other day and looking for a way to comment – I appreciate you linking to my site!

      Anyway, the FastenR-T1 is useful for anyone on the Manfrotto platform. I had one until I recently switched to Arca. Aside from rock-solid security and a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from, the Arca platform also has much more useful L-plates than offered by Manfrotto. Either I’m missing something (always possible) or it is a glaring gap in their system. Maybe people don’t shoot on tripods much in portrait mode? I’m working on a much broader post on tripods and heads, but you might find this post interesting on the subject:

      Come back often! Invite your friends! 😉

      • Thanks! currently, the whole site is in development. I only started the other day. but i think i plan to have google plus be my comment section rather than having it on the site directly..

        plus, i am coding it all myself, which, makes it a bit more difficult to implement a commenting system!

        I do enjoy reading your posts, I kinda feel a parallel in our experiences.


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