Photography Bucket List

I tend to take photos wherever I am.  For example, here’s a picture I took on a recent trip to Charleston:

Look familiar? 🙂

While 2012 promises a few great opportunities, I’ve been trying to think about places I’d like to go on a photography adventure, and my list is pretty standard:

  • New Zealand – the geography is beautiful, varied and in a small area.  The people are great, too…
  • Patagonia – a co-worker from Argentina gave me a book on his country, and it was incredible.
  • Machu Pichu – I’ve always been amazed at the craftsmanship of this mysterious, remote city in the clouds.  I think the journey there would be a big adventure, too…
  • Athens – My wife teases me about my interest in “ruins” – If there is a dilapidated old fort or some other old, abandoned something, I want to see it.  Athens is pretty much the top of this list.  I actually had tickets booked this past summer, but other things interfered.
  • Egypt/Nile/Pyramids – what really needs to be said?  They are an incredible human feat.  Sadly, this and Machu Pichu seem the least likely to happen for me, although for different reasons…
  • Bali –  OK, actually, I just want to take my wife to Bali.  But hey, I’ll take some pictures!

What is your list?  The good news is I actually have a chance to get to some of these places (eventually), but I’d love to broaden my goals.  I’m especially interested in US destinations.

3 thoughts on “Photography Bucket List

  1. Ian – I’m really interested in getting new and less conventional places on the list. You live in a great area of the world – what are your favorite spots? (or spots you’d like to get to?)

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