Verdict – Undetermined

So I’m actually on the fence when it comes to Ken.  Early this past Thursday, I noticed Ken had posted a “Friday” date on his website, and I sent him a quick note letting him know.  His “contact” page also mentioned he’d like to hear likes and dislikes about his website.  So I let him know a bit about my thoughts about his position on RAW and his comment that it isn’t art if it isn’t on film.  Honestly, I didn’t expect a reply, but I got one a couple hours later.  He giggled about the mistake, and wondered if he should put sarcasm or jokes in green on his website.

I told him that would be a great idea…

2 thoughts on “Verdict – Undetermined

  1. You The Fro and other zealots real take yourselves too serious! Have you ever read his about page? I guess not if you are continually attacking Ken and his site.

    • Eric – first of all, thanks for visiting the site and commenting (I’ll respond to your comments on each of the posts on each of those pages). I’m always interested in getting other perspectives. The answer to your question is “Yes” – I’ve read the “About” page. I’ve corresponded with Ken a few times and always found him fine. Here’s the thing – I’ve seen many, many novice photographers on various forums who haven’t read his “About” page and walked away damaged, confused or mislead by his humor or style of writing opinions as facts. If his main goal is humor, sarcasm and satire, the giant disclaimer that is his “About” page should be plastered across the top.

      I don’t think I take myself too seriously – I’m just a hobbyist photographer with an opinion. When I re-discovered photography a few years ago I spent a fair amount of time on Ken’s site. I found it very useful for specs, but the more I learned the more I realized how many of the things Ken says on his site were misleading or worse. My opinion is he is a net negative to many who visit his site. For me, I’ve learned enough now that I virtually never go to his site because of the things I mentioned above. It sounds like your opinion is different, which is fine – I’m glad you get value from it.

      Please feel free to visit often (and maybe check out my “About” page… ;))

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