Vacation Cameras

While I was on vacation, we spent a lot of time in antique stores in three different cities in two different states.  I’ve never noticed cameras in stores like this before, but this time I saw lots of cool old equipment.  If I didn’t have a hundred things vying for my money, I think it would be cool to collect old cameras.  Anyway, here area  few I saw that I thought were fun:    (apologies for the poor camera-phone pictures)

If you remember buying packs of light bulb cubes, you're an older Enthusiast Photographer...

Speaking of classic flash designs...

OK - so not a photo camerea, but cool in a lot of ways nonetheless

Cool and compact. Betting this was a cutting-edge product back in the day

Interesting shutter-release placement on this one. Nifty fifty...

This must have looked awfully high-tech at some point

Easily my favorite of the whole trip:

Now you see it... you don't!

All of this made me think about how camera are said to go obsolete, but most of these cameras could produce great images today in the right hands.  I think that is a lot of fun!

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