Take the dang shot!

On my way to work, there is a lot of construction going on as a new section of expressway is built with all the accompanying overpasses, on-ramps and exits.  At the base of a hill, surrounded by huge mounds of red clay was a tree.  In the early morning sun, it was already a picture in my mind of perseverance.  It was a beautiful, green young elm tree surrounded on three sides by a fifty foot mound of dirt.

It took me a few days after I noticed it to form the thought that it would be a pretty cool picture.  The day after, I forgot to bring my camera equipment, and I was in a hurry to get to work anyway.  The day after that, I got out too late to get the shot I wanted.  The next day was Friday, just before I was going on vacation, and I rationalized that I’d get the shot after we got back.  The tree had been there for years, and had sat pretty much as it did for months upon months as the endless construction continued, right?  So worry about it when I get back, right?

You see this coming, right?

The tree is now gone.  I have no idea what inspired them to pull it up.  The dirt looks pretty much the same to me and there hasn’t been any progress in that area I can measure at all.  But the hole no longer contains the fighting elm, and I missed getting my shot.

The moral of the story is pretty clear.  Don’t wait to get the shot.  If you want it at all, go out of your way to get it now.  If you don’t, it might not be there when you want it.

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